As you could imagine, the alias stands for my name. It contains my two first names, Kim and Frederik as well as the first letter of my family name. When I got my first smartphone and was about to create a Twitter account, I noticed that the username Kim-Frederik is way to long, so I decided to create a shortcut for it. From this point on, every social media account of mine was named kimfrdk.


Enough talking about names, let me tell you something about me.

I am 17 years old and my passion for photography/videography took a part in more than a half of my life.

The first video I created was a little magic-video where we jumped down the roof, well at least we tried to create the look. I filmed it on a Sony Ericcson K550i with a 2MP Camera. But you were able to cut your clips on it.


From this point on everything took its way. I got a computer and I took the digicam from my parents and started filming and "cutting". One day I thought about publishing of videos I made.

I made a Youtube channel (it does not exist anymore). A few years later a friend of mine and I started a new Youtube channel, we made "Let's Plays", they were very bad when I would judge them today.


After a few months I joined a friends Youtube channel. It is called CopyrightFreeNetwork, we upload creative commons licensed music. We raised over 15.000 subs till January 2016. It is a unreal feeling when you think about your  range, we are able to do so many things. We are growing very fast and are receiving absolut positive feedback. These two points are responsible for our phenomenal motivation we have right now.


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