Like I said in the description of myself, I'm pretty active on YouTube. Right now two friends of mine and me are leading a creative commons music channel - CopyrightFreeNetwork.

This channel is growing enormously. On the left side you can see the latest videos we upload. There is also a private YouTube channel from me. I'll upload some projects I've done in the future.

CopyrightFreeNetwork™ is your No. 1 source if you're looking for non-copyrighted music to use in your media creations. The YouTube Channel was founded in May 2014 and already gained over 20.000+ subscribers. In January 2015 our team was extended by a DJ, who created the first mixes and also manages the SoundCloud page. We're here to showcase the latest non-copyrighted music on our YouTube channel, so we upload new songs three times a week.

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